Vision Ministry Minutes
November 20, 2013

Leadership Day is Wednesday, December 4 - please RSVP

Evangelism Conference Follow-up
        • Conversation is ongoing from the conference in florida
        • One result: blog created to encourage people to write about their experiences/insights/learnings on church, growth, outreach, evangelism
        • Another follow-up: Presbytery Conversation at Yorktown on Attractional and Missional Churches, much to ponder about how churches can use the different models to be faithful in their context with their resources
        • Next Presbytery Conversation for church leaders to raise questions about growth, internal church faithfulness and connection to the community: January 28, 2014, 10 am to 1 pm

Joint Tech Venture with Congregational Change
        • How could we link churches with presbytery/ministry resources through social media?
        • Would a platform like Facebook help churches (particularly small churches) to become more present online in ways that are easy to manage, allow conversation and link people to their community online?
        • Insight: next generations are looking at churches online long before they every visit the church physically? The message of no website or an outdated website is that the church doesn't want younger generations.
        • Target outcome: improve web and social media presence of local churches
        • Means to target: hire a person to engage interested churches in developing a communication strategy using a website and social media

Action Items:
Approve reimbursement of costs for hosting Presbytery Conversation meetings.
Approve funds to hire a person to work with churches to set up website and social media presence and empower Ben and Chip to release the funds and possibly hire a person

Moving Forward
        • Leadership Day with Open Space and Worship to share what people want to talk about in ministry, will wait to see what arises from the December 4 Leadership Day

God Sights concluded the meeting.
        • Pete Seeger leading planning of a MLK day in Beacon
        • Time with camp directors to meet AND talk
        • Growth happening in the midst of life changes
        • Great conversations happening to build relationships
        • Growth through faithfulness over time
        • Practicing faith in ways that open our eyes to the gifts of God

Next Meeting: February 5, 2014 @ 2:00 pm at Holmes

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